Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Christmas Time, and a New, Upcoming Article!

My apologies for the lack of posts on my part; work has been quite busy for me. I am currently in the midst of a research project for the museum I work at, and have recently been going back and forth between here and D.C. to do work at the Library of Congress. Not that I am complaining; this type of research is exactly what I want to do, and what I do best; the time it takes away from other things, however, is somewhat regrettable.

I have been trying for some time recently to get scans of more than a dozen issues of the pre-pulp Argosy (roughly the years 1890 to 1894), but have yet to figure out a method for scanning the unusually-sized issues, at least to my satisfaction regarding image quality. It is something I will continue to work on; I think I may have it figured out, which machine I need to be using - these issues have not appeared online anywhere else before, and I have promised Mr. Stephenson-Payne of the Galactic Central Pulp Cover catalog that I will get scans to him as soon as I can.

In the meantime, I have been writing up a few different posts, and will post them as I get around to editing them. For the moment however, I do have some news I am happy about: the next issue of Ed Hulse's Blood 'n' Thunder will feature an article of mine, an expansion of the Pulpfest 2012 report I posted earlier to this site.

For a better description, I will let Mr. Hulse (via a cut and paste from the Murania Press website) handle that:

Nathan Madison, who contributed a lengthy article on Argosy founder Frank A. Munsey in a previous issue of BnT, attended his first pulp-fan convention earlier this year and accepted my invitation to write a con report. But he went beyond the simple who/what/when/where account I expected, in the process raising some important questions about the future of the pulp-collecting hobby. Therefore, instead of severely editing his piece to make it an installment of BnT ’s “Convention Corner” department, I decided to run it complete as a feature article. You’ll find it very interesting, even if you’re not a regular attendee of such confabs as the annual PulpFest and Windy City shows.

For a full description of the entire upcoming issue, as well as the upcoming year-end sale Murania is having, please see the Murania website at  http://muraniapress.com/.

I may actually upload some items in the near future, relating to this research I am conducting for work, as I am using a small amount of popular ephemera from the late 1880s as source material, which would fit in quite well with this blog's nature.

As always, thank you all for reading! And if I do not post before then, I wish all of my readers, and anyone who happens to happen across the site, a happy holiday season, and an enjoyable and prosperous New Year!