Sunday, August 12, 2012

Report coming soon...

     I am about an hour away from flying out of Columbus, and back to the Old Dominion; however, I just wanted to post and say that my plans for a report have changed, to some degree. Mr. Ed Hulse, editor of Blood 'n' Thunder, has asked me if I would like to contribute a Pulpfest 2012 convention report to the Fall 2012 issue of his journal - the very same type of report I was planning on posting here.

     My intention hasn't changed, really. Argonotes will still host a small report on my part, but I will leave more of my thoughts about being a relative newcomer to the pulp scene to the printed report - think of what will come here as a preview, along with the few personal photographs I took along the way. I hope those who read my posts will check out both versions.

     I am also intending to finish a number of posts I started almost a year ago, continuing a history of the Argosy, but which I never quite got around to posting and finishing; the intervening time has allowed me to gather a great deal more primary sources, so I will be expanding, and finally posting those, as well.

     As always, thank you very much for reading, and I will certainly be posting again soon.

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  1. I'm just back from PulpFest also. As usual I really enjoyed myself and I'm looking forward to your report on the convention. I hope you keep posting pulp related articles.